992 Carrera Ducktail Evo Pro


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The MOSHAMMER 992 Ducktail Evo Pro is not only a beautiful oem+ designed element that gives your Porsche a unique appearance, but our Ducktail ensures also the best possible aerodynamic properties, because it is an overall developed concept by engineers.

Efficiency and Performance.

The completely redesigned rear lid section with increased in size central double-inlets “Ram-Air-Ducts” also improve optimum flow supplies the two intercoolers with cold fresh air, like the function of the factory active rear spoiler does in the high extended performance position.
This constantly optimum airflow ensures that the engine can function in the ideal temperature window.
Another optimized detail is our redesigned rear of the ducktail, the centre outlet separate directly the hot engine bay air!

MOSHAMMER premium products are TÜV-approved and street-legal.

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