If the ordinary 991 Carrera does not exclusive enough for you! MOSHAMMER brings a new limited edition aero kit for the 991.1…inspired of yesterdays RS models with duck tail spoiler. The very exclusive edition TOURING/R is limited to only 30 units with sales scheduled to being of 03/2020. Preorders are welcome..! Contact MOSHAMMER… we stand […]

RS Louvers…..!

They are such a unique feature, so important. By opening the front fenders, and allowing the hot air from the brakes to get ventilated out of the wheel arch! MOSHAMMER® Fender louvers with frame for all 997 Mk1 & Mk2 The slats can be mounted on top of the fender, or be installed from the […]


Just recently, we decided to create a Special Edition of our 911 Turbo S Aero Kit. Packed full with all our products and showcasing an aggressive appeal, our vehicle raised quite a lot of interest at a lot of German premiere car events and race tracks! For us, is the second MOSHAMMER® DOWNFORCE EVO RS […]