997Turbo Union Jack

We congratulate our MOSHAMMER Family member Projects Customs on their dream Porsche 997Turbo This beautiful Porsche 997Turbo has been refined with our aero kit Downforce RS to meet the new power of the engine / turbo conversion. By using our aero kit you can raise the aerodynamics and air ducts, which are now over 14 years […]

PORSCHE 997TURBO Air Collector

One of the most important solutions!! World Premiere…..RAM AIR COLLECTOR | P997.10.3050 The dynamic Ram Air Collector on the rear lid supply the engine with much more efficiency cold air. The outtake in the middle of the collector improve ventilation of the engine bay without negatively affecting the drag coefficient. A absolutely must have, for […]

997Turbo from Poland

#PORSCHE #997TURBO refined with our products ?….! The used products here are:RS Air Vent GrillRam Air ScoopsSide… Gepostet von MOSHAMMER am Dienstag, 30. April 2019