997Turbo Union Jack

We congratulate our MOSHAMMER Family member Projects Customs on their dream Porsche 997Turbo This beautiful Porsche 997Turbo has been refined with our aero kit Downforce RS to meet the new power of the engine / turbo conversion. By using our aero kit you can raise the aerodynamics and air ducts, which are now over 14 years […]

We shape the existing to perfection….!

We shape the existing to perfection‼ Our designers work alongside with our engineers and master craftsman every day to create something outstanding. Considering the above… create products they look esthetic and work perfect. More than 25 years in the automotive industry and by using new technologies, we are already inventing the future today. Refine your […]

Urbanized…TURBO RS….!!

An unavoidable consequence, also to develop products for the icon 997 Turbo!! AERODYNAMICS Just recently, we decided to create a special aero kit to have the best performance and handling characteristics like the GT & RS Models..because there is more to the 997 Turbo than a cafe racer. We did not concentrate only to making […]